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Tour Packages: Projects


There are various types of places in the world that one wants to go to. The places far away from the home country look very beautiful, says everyone. However, when people come to terms with the requirement of traveling to such places they change their minds. Why? The formalities are many to complete or they do not have the money to pay for the tours.


Now here, Makkar Immigration can help. We have seen so many of the said above situations and have handled them with the best solutions. If you are facing the same situation, then do not worry. We can assist you with our service. And can do things for you that you may have not experienced.


We are the go-to guy that takes care of such matters. As a Ludhiana based entity, we can clear out the path for smooth and easy travel to a foreign land.

We have travel packages that suit everybody’s pocket.​ If you want to travel cheap, we can arrange. If you want to travel without worrying about the expense then come to our place. Reach out to us quickly, if you want to see the destination of your dreams.

We are in the business for a long time and have a way to give ultimate satisfaction to people who like to visit any part of the world. Be it communication, or advising visitors, we are always there to provide the best sources.


We are a team of dedicated and knowledgeable people who have the experience and willingness to go the extra mile for our customers.


A vast majority of people are our regular travelers who just on a phone call say us the place they want to go. Quickly we cover all their formalities and inform them that they are ready to go.


For the purpose, we will help you with these types of journeys.


  • Vacation (family or friends)

  • Honeymoon

  • Corporate Travel (business meetings)

  • Group Travel

  • Leisure or Celebrations


We will plan your trip that you will remember for a lifetime. You will have the excitement back in your life. We know how hard you work every day and need a break. So, assisting you with the fun parts, allow us to organize your journey.


We take care of every single detail that guarantees you and your fellow travelers will fall in love with our service. That's why we invite you to make the most out of the things we can do for you.

Have the perfect planning for your excursion. We will help you make your itinerary or the activities that you may have not even heard.

Just speak to us once and kiss goodbye to all your concerns.

Looking forward to meeting you, and exceeding your expectations.

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