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Do you want to enroll in the best PTE coaching institute in Ludhiana?

Do you want your PTE study to be worth your time and money?

Do you want your PTE teachers to be experts?

Do you want your PTE tutorials to be easy?

Do you want to clear the PTE with a good score?

If your answer is yes, then contact us quickly.​ We do not make false claims or assure you of results that will get you over the moon. Only due to our efforts and successful experiences, we are reputed for being the best than the rest.

Now coming back to PTE, first let us see what it means. The full form of PTE is the Pearson Test of English. It is an English language proficiency test, where you have to prove your mettle in Reading, Writing,

Listening and Speaking. The test is conducted through a computer.The test includes checking the skills of the candidate in two parameters together. For example, Reading and Writing, Speaking and Listening, Reading and Listening, etc. combinations.


Under the PTE Reading Test, you need to answer multiple-choice questions (MCQs) with single or multiple ticks. Besides, there will be paragraphs for re-ordering and blanks filling. One hour is the duration set for the reading test.

Under the PTE Listening Test, you need to summarize the spoken text and answer MCQs in the same pattern mentioned in the reading part along with the blanks filling. The other things include highlighting the paragraph summary and correcting the incorrect or missing word(s) from the sentences. All you need to do this in the allotted forty to forty-five minutes.

Under the PTE Speaking test, the question includes reading out paragraphs or sentences loudly, repeating the sentences, giving image descriptions, answering short questions or describing class lectures.

Under the PTE Writing Test, you need to answer only two types of questions. One is to summarize the text. The other is to write an essay on any given topic.

Combining all of the above tests, then the standard duration to complete the PTE is 3 and a half hours excluding the ten minutes of short break after two modules get over.

The result of PTE comes before a week even ends, which is five to six days.

The fee for PTE is INR 13000.

How we will help you ace the PTE?

The determination we have to teach PTE, same is the determination we will develop in our students so they can achieve the desired results.

We will cover all the aspects involved in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. A thorough knowledge will make things easy for our students to understand.  The expert and wilful assistance from our staff will clear all your doubts.

We will provide you with extra sources like books. Our library is meant to serve you. Take full advantage of it.

Our unlimited number of mock tests will allow you to practice a lot. After every such test, your performance will be reviewed. The shortcomings in it and the solutions to overcome those problems will make you realize our importance.

So study from our institute, if you really want the PTE results to go your way.

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