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Besides the immigration world, Makkar Education & Immigration Services tops the chart in Ludhiana's best IELTS institute list. So many of our students are studying and earning well abroad because of us. The same assurance we give to you that not only will you score high bands in the IELTS test but will achieve success in a way that will motivate your family, friends, and relatives to study from here.​


Why Choose Makkar IELTS?

  • Reliability, as the institute is running for more than 20 years.

  • Reasonable fees, we charge what is right, no overcharging or hiding any extra costs to be paid later.

  • Highly trained English teachers who themselves have scored high bands in IELTS. They will enhance reading writing listening and speaking skills of our students.

  • Timing for IELTS training will be set as per student's choice,

  • Much better facility and infrastructure than other IELTS institutes in Ludhiana. We have library, WI-FI connectivity, computer rooms, TV/AV room, presentation hall and more.

There is more to learn in IELTS than just offering things if one wants to gain knowledge properly. We have methods for that. For example, our Makkar IELTS speaking routine will help our students to say English words in a meaningful manner. The Makkar IELTS writing skills will improve sentence forming with the correct use of grammar. The Makkar IELTS books will increase the interest in reading and its understanding. The Makkar IELTS listening material will bring patience and clarity in hearing and responding to the same.


Our on-campus IELTS training program will help you learn and develop the English language to stay competitive in this dynamic global market. Our English training course is suitable for all age individuals and backgrounds. Beginners and professionals will find it very easy while studying for the IELTS exam at our institute. Even individuals who find it difficult to learn the English language will see how the institute gives them special attention to prepare for this shortcoming.

We have a standard way of teaching IELTS, and so not offer different packages in a way to differentiate between money spending individuals or those on a budget. Our teachers teach students right from the basic. And step by step they go to the next process. If students already know the subject, then we shift them away from the basic level and give advance training. This way every individual gets to learn what he or she wants.


Q-What is IELTS?

A-The full form of IELTS is the International English Language Testing System. The system tests the proficiency of people on how well they can speak and write the English language.

Q-Who Conducts the IELTS Exam?

A-The IELTS exam is conducted by the British Council, IDP Education Australia and the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge ESOL).

Q-Why IELTS Test is conducted?

A-The exam is conducted for individuals who want to study or migrate to countries like UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the USA. Medical professionals give IELTS test to work in the above-mentioned countries.

Q-Who is Eligible to give the IELTS exam?

No minimum qualification is required to give the IELTS exam. Individuals who know how to speak and write English are fully eligible. Even those who don’t know English can give the IELTS exam, but that will be a waste of time and money if one does not know the required language.

Q-What are the Types of the IELTS Test?
A-IELTS exam is conducted in the following two parts:

  • Academic

  • General 

IELTS Academic is for individuals who want to study abroad for higher education while the General Test is for individuals who want to go abroad for secondary education, gain work experience or apply for training programs. Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK take consideration of the General test.

Q-What is the Required Score in IELTS test?

A-There are no passing marks in the IELTS test. Individuals giving the test are measured on a scale of 1 to 9. The following table gives you the idea of how a score achieved differentiates an individual.

Score   Rating
   9        Expert
   8        Very Good User
   7        Good User
   6       Competent User
   5       Modest User
   4       Limited User
   3       Extremely Limited User
   2       Intermittent User
   1       Non User


Q-What is the Validity of IELTS Score? 
A-The validity of IELTS is two years. At the time of admission to an educational institute, the latest IELTS score is considered.


Q-What is the Test Format of IELTS? 
A-IELTS test format comprises of the following mandatory four sections.  


  • Reading

  • Writing 

  • Listening

  • Speaking

Listening and Speaking tests are the same in the General and Academic types but have different Reading and Writing tests.

Q-What is the Duration of IELTS EXAM?

A-Two hours and forty-five minutes is the total time for the IELTS exam. Listening, Reading and Writing tests have to be given in one session while the Speaking test can be given on the same day or seven days after or before the other tests.

The listening test is for 30 minutes. It comprises of four parts. A cassette is played having a monologue or dialogue. Each audio clip is played once, where you have to answer questions for each part while listening.

The Reading test is for 60 minutes. It comprises of three sections.
The Writing test is for 60 minutes. Two tasks are given to candidates so they can write it differently.

The speaking test is a face to face interview with an expert. The expert will interview the candidate for about 11-14 minutes. A topic will be given on which the candidate needs to speak about and have a two-way discussion with the examiner.

Makkar Institute’s IELTS Coaching Course

Our IELTS course will help individuals become more competent and confident communicators in English, both speaking and writing-wise. The practice and skills gained will retain your knowledge. We understand every individual need and so customize our offerings to ensure a student's expectation is fulfilled.

The following are some highlights of the course:

  • Enhance Written and Verbal Communication (Casually and Professionally).

  • Learn Mannerism to write emails.

  • Gain Skills to speak effectively.

  • Proper use of words.

  • Right body language.

  • Participate actively in group discussions.

  • Improve pronunciation and vocabulary.

  • Handle tough situations.

  • Prepare presentations and speeches.

  • Ace interviews.

Preparing for IELTS at MAKKAR Institute will offer you the following:

  • Regular, Weekend & Crash Courses.

  • Highly Educated & Experienced Faculty.

  • Affordable Fee.

  • Advanced Classrooms.

  • Study Material.

  • Repeated training.

  • Easy to reach our center.

  • Best results.

Besides above,

You will learn tips and strategies to score maximum in your IELTS exam.

You will learn to overcome your weaknesses to improve in English.

You will be more confident to take the IELTS test after receiving training.

Q-Why You Should Take IELTS Test?

A-IELTS is recognized worldwide. Learning English gives you a good start in joining Colleges and universities abroad. Countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand require good IELTS scores to enroll foreign citizens. Foreign employers require educated and English speaking individuals. IELTS increases the knowledge and level of an individual.

Q-What is the Timing of our IELTS Training in Ludhiana?

A-Regular batch (Monday to Friday) plus weekly mock test.

  • Early Morning

  • Morning

  • Evening

  • Late Evening

Q-What is our IELTS Training Fees in Ludhiana?
A- Fess is calculated based on Crash course plus weekly mock test from Monday to Friday &  Weekend Batch plus weekly mock test from Monday to Friday. For exact figures
, kindly check with the institute. You also know that cost changes overtime. Still, we try our best to give our high quality services at prices that can make everyone happy.

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