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English Speaking Course Ludhiana

Makkar Education and Immigration Services is the best answer to your search for spoken English classes in Ludhiana. The English speaking course for our students is intensively taught. You will learn to communicate in English in no time with our professional trainers. Not only a few Basic English sentences, but you will be able to speak the English language in real-time situations.


Our institution is rated best in Ludhiana, Punjab. Our training method for Spoken English comprises of grammatical explanation, understanding the basics and advances of reading, listening, writing and speaking. Also, you will learn about the usage of the language and will be updated about new additions in English. Our course content is structured in a manner that covers all the English concepts.

Our strategy has improved the English speaking ability of our students. They felt at peace and understood the value of investing in the right place.


  • Hands-on experience to learn and speak English.

  • Practical and Theoretical training.

  • Full support in the course.

  • Learn with advanced materials.

  • Interview guidance.

Other Things Include

  • Plenty of experience to learn while studying from us.

  • We have trained several students over the years.

  • Our staff is certified to teach you Spoken English.


Our institute facility suits all. If you are a fresher or an experienced individual, you will find no problem accommodating here. Our teachers will help you connect with the course and them responsibly. Ask them anything at any time and you will see the difference.​

The Class Batch Timings for Spoken English Course

Flexibility is what individuals look for and flexibility is what we will give. Our batch timings fit perfect for school, college, non-working, and working professionals. Join for a full week or weekends, our teachers are always ready to teach. We understand the convenience aspect and so have molded ourselves to offer quality training to individuals looking to learn and speak English in a short time.


To know the details of what exactly you will learn in our Spoken English Class, go through the following:

For free speech learning, you will go through some topics like health, pollution, sports, news, advice, general knowledge, etc. Understanding the topic will allow you to speak for a start. There are many things to adhere to while speaking like building vocabulary. To do so, you will learn from the many passages or paragraphs and will write for the same. Also, there will be a wide discussion on topics so to see what the students have learned during the journey. The speaking section will 

Under the grammar section, we will make our students understand the pattern of the speech. A speech comprises Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb, Adverb, Preposition, Interjection, Conjunction and more.

For the articles section, you will learn the article's definite and indefinite parts. Going further in the class, we will teach you about the tenses. Past, Present and Future Tenses along with their Simple and Continuous Tenses.

In the written communication segment, there will be letters, leave applications to write in a formal and semi-formal way. Besides, essays resume, and storytelling will be part of the writing curriculum.

There are two types of English to learn, one is General English, and the other is Business English. Through both of them, you will be able to increase your vocabulary, reading, writing and listening skill. The clarity in the fundamentals of English will enable our students to easily adapt to new English ideas. Doing so will help our students to be professional in their academic environment

When our students have learned much during their class, they then will be assessed on the following aspects:

  • Oral Presentations and interactions (including groups or pairs)

  • Written tests

  • Reading

  • Listening

  • General Discussion on any topic

  • Vocabulary test

  • Antonyms and Synonyms usage

  • Prefixes and Suffixes usage

  • Idioms and phrase usage

  • Email writing

  • More

​Under Spoken English, a conversation is the main thing that our students will learn and master it through all of the above mentioned.

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